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The Full Story


We started out by having a few chickens in an old granary on the yard, to having a few dozen extra o sell, and then not having enough. We grew slowly but surely and along with laying chickens, we expanded to sows and piglets. Once the business grew and demand for chickens and turkeys increased so did production. Beef is also a really hot market, and it works well with our cow calf operation to be able to raise meat from birth to finished product. 



Our operation is fueled by coffee and everyone helping when needed, even though the majority of work is done by adults, John and Erica, the kids definitely do a fair share of odd jobs. Our goal is to provide quality products all raised on the farm, where the birds and animals can have a stress-free environment to live in. 


We appreciate each and everyone who continues to support our family. 

Our farm operation is more than just The Chicken Bacon Ranch as that is the marketing side of our farm. The majority of our farm operations are crops and cattle. Altogether it keeps us hopping along with schooling kids at home, and church functions, and fun activities as a family.

We would love to continue expanding while maintaining integrity, honesty and quality. 

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